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Steganography is the art of hiding secrets in seemingly harmless files to protect information. The point of steganography is the fact that nobody will ever try to look for the secret file that was created, because “they” have no reason to believe that it exists in the first place.

IIS Redirect

You spent a year getting your web site on to Google and then you have it all redesigned. Now all the links and back links to your site in Google and all the other sites you have linked to come up with 'Page Can Not Be Displayed'. This is because the structure and page names have changed. IIS-Redirect will solve this problem and redirect the invalid page links to the correct page. It will also capture all the requests from the internet that are pointing to an invalid page and display them so that you can redirect these to the correct pages. Captures IIS 404 error and redirects to current or external page. For the non-technical among us.

Log Delete

A Windows Service to delete old log files. Hourly, Daily or Monthly
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